'Plain & Pearl' Meetings


7.30pm to 9.30pm 
St Mary's Parish Hall

2nd Tuesday in the month to knit

4th Tuesday in the month to craft


                        Everyone welcome!


For more information please email
or just turn up on a Tuesday evening.

                                                                  About P&P   

Crafternoon - 24th Sept 2016

"A beautiful craft-filled Saturday afternoon was held to celebrate Plain and Pearl's 5th Birthday.  A fabulous range of cakes, crafts and entertainment were on offer to the 50 people who came. All left feeling happier for the experience.

Plain and Pearl was the brain child of Josie and Joy, who set out to ensure that the knowledge of traditional hand crafts is passed on to others willing to learn, young and old.  They never imagined that 5 years later they would have so many members ranging from 8 to 80 years old. 

This friendly and enthusiastic group is open to all who wish to attend, from those with no previous experience to more accomplished crafters.  The group meets twice a month, with attendees coming from Teddington and further afield.  Meetings include the opportunity to learn and practise old and new crafts, as well as  to put skills to work making things and raising money for charities." 

contributions from Jane, Joy B. & Amanda

P&P are now looking for donations of extra large vintage buttons (4.5cm/2” diameter) for items being made for the Church Bazaar on 26 Nov.

For details contact josie.shantonas@stmarywithstalban.org


Teddington Village Fete - 26th June 2016

This year P&P stall was decorated in colourful yarn bombing made from handknitted scarves.  Lots of people visited our stand and took part in various crafts such as in arm knitting, crocheting, rag rug making, amigurumi, sewing buttons challenges.  

(If you are wondering what happens to the yarn bombing scarves,  they will be transformed into blankets for the homeless.)





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10 January
24 January
Beading with Lorraine
14 February
17-19 February
Unravel Knitting Festival
28 February
02-05  March
Olympia Stitching &
Knitting Show
14 March
17-19 March
Landmark Contemporary
Textiles Fair
25 March
Craft Material Swap
28 March
Embroidery with Ann
11 April
25 April
Flower Arranging
09 May
11-14 May
Open Art Studios Show
23 May
Special Knitting Date
13 June

25 June

Teddington Village Fete
27 June





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