In Baptism three things happen:

  • We give thanks for our families of which the newly born child* is now a part.

  • As a sign of God’s love, baptism in water in the name of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is given at the font at the West end of the Church.

  • Parents and Godparents commit themselves to the care and nurture of the newly baptised.

*Adult baptism can also take place.

We conduct baptisms at noon on certain Sundays appointed throughout the year. The service lasts for 30 minutes and usually involves 2 or 3 families each time. 


Occasionally we also baptise during our 10am Parish Communion, especially if the family are regular members of the congregation. Click here to view the Baptism Service Sheet for this service.


Before your child's baptism, we will invite you to attend a baptism preparation evening, together with other parents of children to be baptised. Led by the Vicar, these sessions cover what is involved in your child's baptism and offer the opportunity to discuss what it means to be baptised.


To enquire about baptisms and available dates, please contact the Vicar, the Revd. Joe Moffatt, on 020 8977 2767 or at

Further information

A prayer you might like to say for your child:

Great God, we thank you from our hearts for our child.

We thank you for this precious gift and for the love and wonder s/he has already brought into our world.

Give us your love and strength to be the best parents we can be, and please bless our child, now and always, through Jesus Christ.




A lovely St Mary with St Alban Christening Cake - made by ButterBugs Cakes for a recently baptised member of our congregation. 


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Baptism Resources

For baptism resources such as books, cards and gifts, see the Revd Mary Hawes' Pinterest page, here.