Our Vision


Fostering Faith & Friendship

It is important for our church to have a clear sense of purpose so we can be guided by a set of clearly worked-out priorities. Our Parochial Church Council has done this, setting out a clear vision for the next few years.


Our Vision for 2013-15 is as follows:

We aspire to be

an open and welcoming church

engaging with the wider community

fostering faith and friendship

and bringing people of all ages together

for the glory of God.

We trust this is a vision in tune with what our local community would like to see in their parish church and have received a lot of positive feedback from the congregation.


At its heart is the conviction that faith and friendship go hand-in-hand. Without friendship faith rarely flourishes. When friendships are  formed, faith is often deepened. A vision is only good, however, if it leads to actions.

The PCC have worked out five priorities that put the vision into practice.



Click to view the Fostering Faith & Friendship Leaflet - April 2013



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