Planned Giving Appeal 2017: "Our Giving Supports"

Planned Giving, where congregation members commit to making a regular gift, is the largest source of funding for our church. Every year, we run an appeal asking more people to sign up to Planned Giving, and encouraging existing Planned Givers to give a little more, to counteract the loss of Planned Giving from people moving away from Teddington, or sadly, passing away.
It is important to remember that all of our income has to come from the congregation and facilities of St Mary’s – we receive no “external” funding (bar the Gift Aid we are able to claim on donations and Planned Giving). We are net contributors to the Diocese, as we are a relatively well-off parish. 
For our 2017 Planned Giving Appeal, we are focusing on “Our Giving Supports”.
Our giving supports …
parish ministry, measured by every ill person visited and every bereaved family cared and prayed for, weddings and baptisms, every Eucharist celebrated and every person shown the love of God through our care, comfort and compassion. 
Our giving supports …
parish clergy both here and in the wider family of the church. It helps train others called to lay and ordained ministry so that the life of the church goes on. 
Our giving supports …
the work of the clergy and congregation in our schools, care homes and hospitals.
Our giving supports …
the maintenance and availability of our Parish Hall as a venue for community groups and events. 
Our giving supports...
our beautiful church building – a sacred place dedicated to worship, prayer and witness. 
We are also launching a new way of giving, called the Parish Giving Scheme, which is designed to aid the administration of claiming Gift Aid. Gift Aid increases our donations by 25%, so it is a vital part of our budget. The Parish Giving Scheme also gives the option to the giver, should they so choose, to automatically add an “inflation increase” to their giving amount, each year. 
Thank you for your support of this Appeal, and please give as generously as you can to ensure that the church can continue to grow at the heart of the community, both here in Teddington and throughout the Diocese of London.
You can support the Appeal in one of three ways:
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