Lasting Gifts to Our Church

Remembering St. Mary with St. Alban in your will is a wonderful way to both thank God for the blessings you have received and to help the Church meet the needs of future generations both large and small.

Your legacy could allow St. Mary with St. Alban to:

  • Redevelop our Vestry area to provide modern kitchen and toilet facilities, thereby vastly extending the religious and community uses of our wonderful building long into the future;
  • Or even enable us to train a Curate, offering perhaps forty years of pastoral service to the church, a tremendous way to pass on widely our spiritual heritage;
  • £1000 could refresh our signage and welcome area or pay for all our Sunday School and children’s activities for a whole year.

Three Steps

Three steps that we encourage every adult member of our church to take:

1) Make a will and review it regularly.

2) Consider leaving a gift in your will to our Parish.

3) Get a free information pack about making a will and making a difference to the work of the wider Church.

Visit for help or phone the Church’s Legacy & Wills Information Line on 08445 870875.

If you are considering leaving a legacy to support the work of the parish, please accept our sincere thanks. It would help us enormously to know of your intention just send us an email or letter or ask your solicitor to do so.

Legacies: How you can make a lasting difference to the work of your Church

"I would like to encourage everyone in our church family, old and young, to make a will, review it regularly and consider leaving a gift to St. Mary with St. Alban through your will.

Many of us give a proportion of our income to support our church every week. But we are stewards of everything we own, not just our income. As Christians, we should consider giving a proportion of all that we have to support the mission of our church too.

Writing a will helps secure the future of the people you love. Leaving a gift in your will helps secure our church’s future.

Please think about it; pray about it; talk about it; find out more about it - and then please act upon it!

With heartfelt thanks, Joe"

Rev Joe Moffatt - Vicar

Your Will Matters

Thinking about life after death should not be difficult for Christians! Make sure you are prepared practically as well as spiritually.

Whatever your age, creating a will and keeping it up to date is the best way to make sure that your loved ones will be looked after in the way you want.

Many Christians give regularly and proportionately from their income. Why not give proportionately from your estate too?

A gift in your will helps our church to live out our dreams and mission in Teddington.

Its a way to thank God for all the gifts of our lifetime, and to hand on undimmed the legacy we’ve received from past Christians (our building, our faith) to future generations.

Leaving a gift in your will is tax efficient and can reduce the amount of inheritance tax you pay.

Our Parish Legacy Policy

We welcome all legacies, however large or small, and we promise to use your gift to make a difference in our parish.

The policy of the PCC is to use legacies to help fund significant, tangible development projects in the parish.

Church members are encouraged to leave gifts in their wills for the general purposes of the parish; as circumstances change over the years, it may not be possible to fulfil specific donor requests.

The PCC will discuss with executors the most appropriate use of the gift in the light of current projects and the donor's known areas of interest in the church (e.g. buildings, music, children and youth, outreach).

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