A History of the Parish Hall

The hall was originally built in the 1880s or 1890s, to accommodate children and servants (!) of the congregation, as St Mary's was always full to capacity. Teddington was very fashionable at that time, but after the arrival of the railways in 1863, the rich inhabitants moved further out as the suburb grew.

In 1888 St Alban's church was consecrated. However, by 1908 when Francis Leith Boyd (who was the Vicar at the time) left the parish St Alban's was still not finished. Legacies were left for the completion of St Alban amounting to many hundreds of pounds, but as this money was in probate the Charity Commissioners refused to release it for any other purpose.

When Revd. John Cleaver came to St Mary with St Alban church in the early 1990s he persuaded the Bishop of London to intervene, and the money (which had grown to a considerable sum due to 100 years of interest) was released for the restoration of the hall, which had become very delapidated. A sizeable donation was given to the Landmark Centre and the rest used to produce today's parish hall with its offices, large and small halls, kitchen and toilet facilities.

At the time the hall was intentionally named St Mary's Parish Hall (rather than St Mary's Church Hall) as its use is considered to be for all parishioners and not just members of the congregation. On 15th June 1997 the Bishop of London, the Right Reverend and Right Honourable Richard Chartres, visited the parish to dedicate the newly refurbished hall. In the intervening period it has proved to be a positive resource for the whole community.

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